The headlines speak for themselves:

• Research firm Cairn Energy Research Advisors predicts EV sales will surge 36% in 2021, topping 3 million vehicles worldwide.
• BloombergNEF's 2020 Electric Vehicle Outlook anticipates that by 2025, EVs will make up 10% of global passenger vehicle sales, rising to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040.
• In January 2019, General Motors said it would team up with charging networks EVgo, Greenlots and ChargePoint to make public charging easier for owners of its all-electric Chevy Bolt.
• At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, automakers Ford and Volkswagen announced they were planning to join forces on the development of electric and autonomous vehicle technology, displaying a continued industry-wide push to move from combustion to battery.

Your new EV will help drive the change, reducing initial purchase prices and raising support of nationwide charging stations. Plus, charging up with American-made electricity will help the country reduce its dependence on oil.

But enough about the big picture. What do you get out of going electric?

Save money

At the standard electric rate, most electric vehicles can be fully recharged for about $3. For cooperative or municipals consumers who participate in Minnkota’s off-peak charging program, it costs about 65 cents to drive an electric vehicle the same distance that an average car can go on a gallon of gasoline. The stable rate does not fluctuate like the price of gasoline.

Less maintenance

Electric vehicles don’t require oil changes, because no oil is used to run the engines. They don’t require air filters, spark plugs, timing belts or many other parts that need occasional replacement in a gasoline car.

A smooth ride

You’ll enjoy the silent motor and smooth acceleration of an electric vehicle. Gas engines vibrate and get louder as they rev up, and transmissions add in noise as well. With electric, those elements aren’t involved, leaving a quiet ride. Plus, electric motors have top-notch instant torque, taking you from full stop to highway speeds in no time flat.