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Bolting on a whim

April 29, 2019

It took one short, in-town trip for Kasey Borboa to want more time behind the wheel in Minnkota’s Chevy Bolt.

The engineering supervisor was with a small group that took the car to a meeting in Grand Forks last Friday. When they returned and it was time for Kasey to head out again – this time 30 miles away to a substation site – he wanted the all-electric experience to continue.

“I thought it might be fun to take it on the highway for our trip to Larimore [N.D.] instead of the fleet pickup that we would typically drive,” he said. “Something to change things up.”

Kasey and his engineering teammate Kara Laframboise hopped in, buckled up and cruised out to the Lerfald substation to check in on the construction activity happening there. Kasey said he didn’t feel any real range anxiety, but he felt himself constantly eyeing the power consumption and the miles remaining on the dash.  

This was the Bolt's second trip out to the Lerfald substation near Larimore, N.D. This time, the team took an extra moment for a gorgeous photo op!

When the two arrived on site in the bright blue and green EV, they stoked some curiosity.

“There were questions by the crews about how the vehicle ran. I felt it ran great,” Kasey said, adding that a couple of people even asked for a quick ride.

“It was surprisingly quiet,” passenger Kara said, “It was a really smooth ride.”

The Bolt made the sunny, 65-mile round trip on 21.7 kWh and still had 124 miles of range when it returned. Even at Kasey’s 70-mph highway speed, that’s about enough to make the trip two more times – not bad at all!

Even though the Bolt didn’t need to recharge, Kasey and Kara did. They made a quick stop in Emerado, N.D., for some chicken strips. Dilly Bar, anyone?

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